Sunday, March 20, 2011

Simple living- Streamlining clothing

Monday March 21st- Today, I am going to streamline our clothing. I don't know yet what I'll do with the "discards" but I am going to pull out what we will keep. Below is what we will keep.

a. L&N

i. Pants-2

ii. Shirts-7 everyday, 2 special occasion/church, 1 hoodie/sweat shirt

iii. Sunday Clothes- 1 dress, 1 suit(2 ties)

iv. Garments- 7 good pairs

v. Socks- 10 pairs

vi. Coats- 1

vii. Shoes- 1 every day, 1 Dress

viii. PJ’s- 1 set (pants and shirt)

ix. 1 Towel and washcloth each

b. Boys

i. Pants- 3-4

ii. Shirts- 10

iii. Underwear- 10

iv. Socks- 10

v. Coats- 1

vi. Shoes- 1 everyday, 1 dress

vii. PJ’s- 1 set

viii. 1 Towel and washcloth each

I will report back with how it goes!

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