Sunday, March 20, 2011


Some of the things I want to address in this blog.

  • Healthy living. Eating the right foods, at the right times and in the right amounts.
    Also, being physically active and ENJOYING it.
  • Simple living. Reducing the physical, mental and emotional clutter in my life.
  • Frugal living. I am a stress spender. I don't know how many times I try to cheer myself up by buying something only to realize that it has turned into clutter. I also get overwhelmed by financial obligations and cause a lot of anxiety for myself. I need to learn how to be financially efficient so I can rule my money, not be ruled by it.
  • Happy living. I get so caught up in what needs to be done that I don't just enjoy life. This drives my husband crazy! I know my kids suffer when I'm cranky too. I want them to be happy so I need to be an example of that.
  • Efficient living. I am really inefficient with my time and end up causing myself way too much stress.
  • Prepared living. I have always been aware of the importance of being prepared. With all the disasters occurring in the world, it is on my mind more than ever.
  • Spiritual living. I am a good person and I try to do the right things. I frequently forget to prioritize my life around my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I know that when I focus first on that, everything else falls into place fairly easily. Now why don't I just do it?
I hope to use this post as a reference for other posts. It certainly won't be the only thing I write about, but I wanted to get these thoughts out for times when I can't remember what I need to focus on.

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