Monday, April 18, 2011

How did that happen?

Ok. As embarrassing as it is, I'll 'fess up. Our taxes aren't done.


I have started probably half a dozen times. We are now missing only one document but I have to wait for my husband to call the place and have them email it. He has been so swamped at work. Most of his lunch breaks don't happen unless he is going out to eat for work. A big part of me wants to be frustrated at him for putting this call off until the last minute but I know how stressed he has been. Not to mention the extra stress I caused last week when I got so sick I couldn't function for a few days. *shudder* That was awful for everyone.

So now, it's tax day itself and I'm hoping against hope that there aren't any more issues. I REALLY don't want to file for an extension. I pretty much consider it not an option.

Wish me luck and pray that my procrastination and my husband's doesn't prevent us from getting our taxes filed in time!

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